What is an N Style Plow Share

I have a 2-12 Ferguson plow with an “N” share on it. What does the “N” designate?

The N style share is based on an International Harvester design and many International Harvester parts, like shares can be used on the Massey Ferguson N base. The N designation is the designation for the late production base Massey Harris Ferguson developed. All the Ferguson plow bases are identified with a letter. The N base uses what is called a throw away share. The shares are flat, not fitted and cheaper to manufacture. The moldboard has a replaceable front shin which extends moldboard life.

Replacement parts for N bases are still available from Massey Ferguson and from aftermarket manufacturers. N bases can be installed on most Ferguson AO plow frames. There is a “deep suck” share for the N base plow, Actually I think there are two deep suck style shares, one is what they call a clipped wing style. The front end is a bit longer and turned down.

I don’t know if this style share is still available. Shares that have worn points do not have as much suck as new shares. You can increase suck by welding a little extension on the tip of the share, pointing down. Suck can also be increased by shortening the top link.