November 2, 2016

The Clarence Carhill Award

Clarence with his Son Gary and two grandsons
In the summer of 2007 the Board of Directors established an award to honor and in memory of one of FENA’s founding members, Clarence Carhill. Clarence died on April 11, 2002, just 9 months after helping to found FENA. His untimely death kept him from seeing how his dream of a Ferguson club has grown from approximately 25 members to nearly 1100 members. In the photo you see Clarence with his son Gary and his two grandchildren, at the 1999 pre-FENA gathering in Freeport, IL.

This annual award is given to a FENA member who has made an outstanding contribution to FENA or to the Ferguson heritage. Below are the recipients of the award.

2007   Al Hoyt
2008   Paul Nelson
2009   John Iwen
2010   Gene Kruse
2011   Ted Feekes
2012   Phil Wiederholt
2013   Bob Sybrandy
2014   Steve Bieberich
2015   Joe Burk
2016   Mickey Keener
2017   Rick Weaver
2018   Jeff Miller
2019   Jerry Sall
2020   David Lory
2021   Richard Kimball
2022   Judy Kitson