September 10, 2018

Gallery – Expo 2018 Salem IL

I’ll be adding captions and sorting the galleries below over the next few weeks as I have time. I’m not retired yet like most of you guys are.

The Expo images are grouped in the galleries below. Due to the weather we did not get to take pictures of folks with their tractors – we were busy just getting decent shots of all the tractors. And the show was essentially cancelled for Saturday due to the 7 or so inches of rain that came down beginning after sunset on Friday, so there was no tractor parade.

However, we all had a good time meeting everyone and catching up since last year’s Expo.

Equipment Inventory. This shows each of the tractors in a closeup with any attached implement, along with other equipment displays.

Other Images. From Thursday, Friday, and a very wet Saturday.

Banquet Images. From Saturday evening.