October 16, 2016

Ferguson Furrows Back Issues

We no longer have most of our back issues in paper form, so we are offering them all on a CD or flash drive for $30.00 (including postage and handling in US, Canada & Overseas). They are in PDF format for viewing on a computer.

To get a feel for what is included, click HERE to see the index of articles from issue 1 until now.

All articles and photos used in the magazine are under copyright to the author, photographer, or organization that originally created the items for publication in our magazine. The disk is not to be copied, nor are the items to be printed and distributed to third parties or published on the internet without obtaining permission from the person who contributed. You own the disk, but not the information on the disk, as is standard under U.S. copyright law.

The online store is currently unavailable. Please contact our Ferguson Furrows Content Editor using the information below for ordering information. In your communication with Judy, please indicate whether you want the issues on a CD or flash drive.

Copies of individual magazines are available as PDF for $3.00 each.

Judy Kitson
252 Aero Avenue
Page, AZ 68040

Payment methods:
PayPal – fenatreas@gmail.com
Check – Payable to FENA
Credit Card

Mail check to:
FENA Treasurer
David Lory
5604 Southwest Road
Platteville, WI 53818