October 16, 2016

Ferguson Furrows Back Issues

We no longer have most of our back issues in paper form, so we are offering them all on a CD for $30.00 (including postage and handling in US, Canada & Overseas). They are in PDF format for viewing on a computer.

To get a feel for what is included, click HERE to see the index of article from issue 1 to now.

All articles and photos used in the magazine are under copyright to the author, photographer, or organization that originally created the items for publication in our magazine. The disk is not to be copied, nor are the items to be printed and distributed to third parties or published the internet without obtaining permission from the person who contributed. You own the disk, but not the information on the disk, as is standard under U.S. copyright law.

Order from our FENA Merchandise Coordinators, Chad and Rebecca Ferguson, by calling 724-927-6157 or via email at cr4j@zoominternet.net.

Once the total has been established you can pay by check made out to FENA or by PayPal. Send checks to David Lory at the address below.

David Lory
5604 Southwest Road
Platteville, WI 53818