October 12, 2016

Forms and Literature

The below documents are for use at regional FENA shows. If you are interested in hosting a regional show, contact the FENA Officers, and look at these documents to help you.

FENA Brochure Use this one-page brochure to talk about FENA and ask for membership. Use the address at the bottom of the “Join FENA!” page HERE for prospective members who will mail their application.
FENA Application Tear Off This will help quickly sign up members to FENA.
FENA Show Sign In Sheet This sign-in sheet is to make a record of the visitors to the FENA area at shows.
Tractor Registration This is a way for us to gather information on the tractor population. It is also used to register tractors for the FENA show.
FENA Name Tags These are FENA name tags. You’ll need to get pin-on plastic sleeves for these to go in.