May 28, 2020

We Need Your Photos!

We always need good photos from the folks who attend a regional FENA show, the yearly Expo, or even just a local show with Ferguson items. Everyone has differing interests and viewpoints and ALL of those are interesting to others. If you attend a show or FENA event, please consider helping out the club by taking a few (or many) shots of Ferguson tractors, implements, or history that you would like others to see.

If you decide to help out with photos, after you have them compiled, email Rick Weaver HERE and he will provide instructions on how to send the photos and captions to him. He will then add them to the Galleries and give you credit for the submission.

How to Take Effective and Engaging Photographs at a Tractor Show

  • Be mindful of:
    • The background behind your subject. It should not distract from the subject, and should not be more interesting than your subject.
    • Where the light is coming from. Ideally, the light on your subject should be coming from behind you and the camera if no flash is used.
    • Sometimes the above two guidelines cannot be met. In that case, it is better to have the picture anyway so do not shy away from taking the shot.
  • Include people whenever possible, unless you are simply documenting a unique piece of equipment. Be sure to get the people’s names.
    It is good to have the equipment owner’s name, even if they are not in the picture.
  • Write a caption. Good captions:
    • Should add context to the image, not just duplicate what the reader already sees.
    • Identify the main people in the photograph.
    • Work best with conversational language. Write the caption as though you are talking to a family member or friend.
    • Use a similar tone as the image. Don’t try to be humorous if the photo is not.