November 20, 2016

Technical Article – Tractor Manual List and Ordering


Available from AGCO/MF

Publication Part Numbers

Model Operator Manual Service Manual Parts Manual
TE-20 690424M1 690370M1 693041M4
TEA-20 80mm
Prior to SN 172501
690425M1 819135M1 693041M4
TEA-20 85mm
SN 172501 & up
690470M1 819135M1 693041M4
TO-20 690309M1 690370M1 693041M4
TO-30 690428M1 690370M1 693041M4
TO-35 Gas 690241M4 NLA
use 1448811M11
TO-35 Diesel 690348M2 NLA
use 1448811M11  and 690560M13
4-cylinder Diesel
use 1448811M11  and 690560M13
3-cylinder Diesel
use 1448811M1
MF-35 Gas 690495M3 1448811M1 651093M93
MF-35 Diesel (U.S.) 690454M4 1448811M1 651093M93
MF-35 Diesel (Canada) 690455M2 1448811M1 651093M93
MF-35 Government NLA NLA
use 1448811M11
use 651145M93
MF-35 Industrial Turf 690572M1 1448811M1 651145M93
MF-35 Industrial Utility 690572M1 1448811M1 651145M93
F-40 199072M91 NLA
use 1448811M11
693 053 M1
NLA, use 690195M52

1 This manual contains everything except information on the early model dual-stage clutch assembly.

2 This manual contains everything except information on the F-40 sheet metal and air cleaner parts.

3 690560M1 is a supplemental manual covering only the Standard Motors 4 cylinder Diesel engine. You still need 1448811M1 for everything else.

Ordering Manuals from AGCO On-line

Many of the more common questions we receive from the FENA web site are answered in the operator’s manuals for Ferguson or early Massey Ferguson tractors and equipment.

Most of the repair questions are covered in the factory service manuals. My advice to owners is, always try to obtain a copy of the operator’s manual for your equipment. Parts manuals can also be useful. Though these machines have been out of production for fifty years or more, most of the manuals are still available from AGCO.

Until recently, the easiest way to obtain a manual was to contact an AGCO or Massey Ferguson dealer. AGCO recently began selling these manuals on line through an official supplier in much the same way the automotive industry does. This makes the process of obtaining a manual much simpler. The process does require a computer and a credit card but these expedite your order.

To obtain a copy of an operator’s manual, factory service manual or parts book:

  1. Go to the web site .
  2. The left side of the page has boxes where information like the model number and type of manual you are looking for can be entered for a search.
  3. If you have the publication number of the manual, click the Publication Number circle and enter the number.
  4. The title of the manual will appear on the screen along with the price. To purchase the manual, click on the box as indicated.
  5. You can then go back to search for another manual or go to check out to enter shipping information and method of payment.
  6. A handling and delivery charge will be added to the total. Click another box to complete the order and you will be given an order number to track your purchase. Your manual will be shipped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and should arrive in a week or so.

The web site is relatively easy to use, particularly for anyone who has ever ordered anything on line.

The system used to search for a manual is not as good as it could be. For example, if you search the system to locate a factory service manual for a TO-35 it will tell you one is not available. However, if you search for a service manual for a MF-35 it will indicate the publication number and price. The MF­35 service manual covers the TO-35 except for the early two stage clutch. If you search for a service manual for an F-40 or MH-50 it will again tell you one is not available. Search for a MF-50 service manual and it will indicate the publication number and price. The MF-50 service manual covers the F­40 and MH-50 except for the early two stage clutch.

If you are looking for operator’s manuals and parts books for Ferguson implements, be sure you look at the page called “Implement Parts Cross-Reference” found on this web site before you plan to order. The site has a chart that cross-references many Ferguson model numbers with Massey-Harris, Massey Ferguson, and Ford Dearborn equipment made by the same manufacturer For example, if you are looking for manuals for the Ferguson S-KO-20 cultivator or an AO plow, the site will tell you they are not available. Because these machines were also produced as the Massey Ferguson 220 cultivator and the MF 62 plow, you can find manuals under those MF model numbers.

Robert Sybrandy
5 October, 2010