TSC Implements are Usually Lightweight

I have a Family tractor handed down to me, 1939 Ford Ferguson 9N. I would like to use it to mow the tall grass on my property. I wanted to get one of these rotary mowers such as the County-Line that Tractor Supply Center sells. There are other brands out there also. Which one would you recommend. I was thinking a 48” model? May 1, 2014

I don’t know anything about County-Line rotary mowers but, I can tell you that most of the implements sold by TSC and other farm stores are of relatively lightweight construction. I would suggest you check with a local tractor dealer that sells either Woods or Bush Hog rotary cutters. They both have machines that are made better than the machines TSC sells. John Deere also has a nice cutter but I believe it is also made by Woods since John Deere now owns Woods.

As for cutting width, I would suggest a 5′ or 60″ cutter. Since the standard setting for the wheels on your tractor is 52″ center to center, you need about 60″ to cover your wheel tracks. If you use a 48″ cutter you’re going to be trampling grass.

You should get an over-running clutch for your tractor. It mounts on your PTO shaft and the cutter connects to it. If your tractor has the original 1 1/8″ PTO it will also give you a 1 3/8″ PTO to connect to your cutter.

You should also purchase a stop-chain kit. This is a set of chains that attach to the front of the mower and under the top link bracket. You adjust them to keep the front of the mower from going too low. It gives you the equivalent of Position Control. Woods has a kit with their mower and I think Bush Hog does too but, there is a universal version you can buy.