How the PTO Operates

What is the sequence of operations when the PTO on a TO-30 is engaged?  July 3, 2016.

The PTO shaft runs through the center of the pump and the pump crankshaft slides over it.

There is what is called a “Constant running layshaft” that runs through the bottom of the transmission, and out the back. Whenever the clutch is released, this shaft along with other shafts in the transmission are turning. There is a movable collar that slides back and forth to connect the PTO shaft to the constant running layshaft. The clutch must be engaged to move the collar to connect the PTO to the layshaft extending out of the back of the transmission. To disengage the PTO you can just move the PTO lever to the neutral position without depressing the clutch. Of course there is nothing wrong with engaging the clutch before placing the PTO in neutral.