Gauges with Proper Cables

I am having difficulty finding the following: 1. Water temperature gauge with approximately 48″ lead; and 2. Tachometer cable 34-1/2″. Do you know any sources for them? June 1, 2016.

The cable on the NAPA sourced Stewart Warner temperature gauge is 48″ long. Steiner Tractor Parts sells a replacement gauge, part number ABC1593 with a 60″ cable that will work as well. Steiner also has the replacement 32 1/4″ tachometer cable, part number MFS147 which replaces MF part number 183497M91.

I may have the three gauges but they are in storage along with most of my other parts. If you can wait a few weeks I should be able to get to them as I have to retrieve other parts for three other people. If you need them sooner you will have to see if you can get them from NAPA. I am not sure if NAPA still has these gauges as they have changed some of the products they offer. Those Stewart Warner gauges may also be available from other sources.