June 6, 2020

2022 Calendar Photo Contest

Melissa Keener voting on the calendar photo submissions

It is time to take photos of your Ferguson tractors and equipment for the 2022 calendar contest. Winners will receive a free calendar!

This is a high-quality calendar, and you can see prior year’s calendar photos in the Galleries (see the top menu here).

Eligible tractors and implements are as listed in our by-laws; Article II, Section 2: “Tractors include only those with Ferguson included in the name prior to the name Massey Ferguson. This includes: Ferguson-Brown, Ford-Ferguson, and Ferguson. Implements include any with Ferguson in the name prior to Massey Ferguson.”

This year, FENA members will be able to see the submissions for the calendar on the web site here and vote for 13 images (12 months plus the cover). During the month of January in 2021, if you are a FENA member, you can email your 13 votes to Joe Olszewski at jolszewski@rochester.rr.com. You may vote only once for any given photo. Contest submissions so far are in the gallery HERE. Feel free to go ahead and review them in preparation for January voting.

The difference for 2022 is that we are looking for pictures with the owner and his/her family and/or significant other on the tractor in working mode or as a static display.

You can submit more than one photo but only one photo will be selected for the calendar. People in the picture should be facing the camera with nice smiles and a display of happiness and contentment because they love their tractors!

The photos should be 1 to 2 megabits, in JPEG format, in color, and in “landscape” mode. The background and foreground are very important and should be free from clutter. Sometimes it is hard to “photoshop” out unwanted clutter and it is much easier to start with a nice picture with a background made up of fields, trees, pastures, barnyards, animals, flowers, fences, etc.

Submit Your Photos Here
Photos and questions should be sent to Joe Olszewski by telephone at 585-394-8024 or email at jolszewski@rochester.rr.com.

Electronic pictures are preferred but as a last resort, hard copy pictures can be sent to Joe at 74 Deerfield Drive, Canandaigua, NY 14424.

You must be a FENA member to participate.

The deadline for Joe to receive your pictures is December 31, 2020.

This will be fun and is your chance to be featured in this special “people” publication. Let’s put a face on your tractor!

Below is a sample image from the 2020 calendar. This is the quality that we’re looking for.