Z120 Cam in Z134?

I’m in the process of rebuilding a Z134 and my cam is bad but, I have a good Z120 cam. Can I use the Z120 cam to replace the Z134 cam?

The short answer is yes, your TO-20 camshaft will work in the TO-35. Here is the long answer: The early production Z134 engine used the same camshaft as the Z129 used in the TO-30. The later production Z134 engine uses the same camshaft as the Z120 used in the TO- and TE-20, MF part number 1750293M1. The Z129 camshaft used in the TO-30 and early production TO-35, MF part number 1750074M1 was dropped and the Z120 camshaft, MF part number 1750293M1 replaced it.

Today all these engines and the Z145 used in the MF-135 and MF-150 use the same camshaft which is now sold as part number 836543M91 or 836543V91. This last part number is the Z120 camshaft, MF part number 1750293M1, plus an instruction sheet with revised valve tappet clearance settings for the TO-30 engine only.