Where to Find Brake Parts

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Can you help find brake parts I need to get working brakes on my TO-30. If you are successful in finding the three springs used on each wheel please let me know as I have had no success. Some of the old parts I have can be reused if necessary but I would like to get them all replaced if possible due to their condition. May 5, 2015.

There is a complete set of TO-30 brake hardware posted on Ebay for $49.95. Unfortunately the springs and pins do not look to be in the best of condition. I did find the hold down pins. These should be available at any auto parts store. The same goes for the retainers and springs that go with them. Yesterdays Tractors sells a kit of 8 pins, 8 springs, and 16 retainers, part #1810029M91 for $4.50. I did some more searching and found two of the springs you are looking for have been replaced by a later part number. Both 181187M1 and 181189M1 were replaced by 181190M1. Unfortunately I was not able to locate any of part number 181190M1 either but that part number may give you another opportunity to locate NOS parts from the source you previously contacted. These newer part numbers can be found in the latest edition of the TO-30 parts book 693041M4. I did find the part numbers you gave me in an earlier edition of the TO-30 parts book. The shoe retaining pins, springs and cups are still available from AGCO/MF. The prices from Jacks Small Engines, an MF dealer with an on line store are as follows: 180833M1 Pins $2.31 ea. 180834M1 Cups 2.52 ea. 180835M1 Springs 2.72 ea. These should be the same parts contained in the kit from Yesterday’s Tractors. I would double check their price before I ordered them.