Wheels for 8N Ford

What rims do I need to get to replace the front wheel of my 1951 8N?  July 28, 2016.

The wheel measurements are made at the rim where the bead of the tire rests. The 16″ front wheel for the 8N, like the 16″ front wheel on the Ferguson TO-30 should measure 4″ wide, from tire bead to tire bead. The optional 16″ wheel for the 8N like the optional 16″ wheel for the Ferguson TO-20 is a 16″ x 4″ wheel. The other dimension to be concerned with is the wheel offset. That dimension is measured by placing a straight edge across the edges of the rim and measuring down to the inner face of the bolt circle, where the wheel is bolted to the rim.

To clarify, while the 16″ wheel takes a 6.00 x 16″ tire, the rim measures 4″ or 4.5″ from bead to bead. Here is a link to the replacement 16″ wheel being sold by Dennis Carpenter Ford Tractor Parts.