What are 9/16 Inch Studs For

I saw an advertisement for 9/16″ stud extenders for a Ferguson tractor. I was told that Ford and Ferguson tractors used the same wheels and the Fords used 5/8″ wheel studs. What are the 9/16 studs for? June 25, 2014

The rear wheel studs and nuts on Ferguson tractors, starting with the TE-20 are 9/16″ NF. This same size was used on Massey Ferguson models. The dual rear wheel kits that I am aware of for Ferguson’s had extension studs like the ones in the ad but they have both 9/16″ NF female threads on the nut portion and 9/16″ NF studs on the male portion so the regular lug nuts can be used.

The studs came in two different lengths, 2 3/4″ for 10″ (currently 11.2″) tires and 3 11/16″ for 11″ (currently 12.4″) tires. The dual wheel kits also included spacers in two different thicknesses, the ones for the 11″ tires, (currently 12.4″) being thicker to accommodate the wider tire. The short studs are part number 180 722 M1. The long studs are part number 181 770 M1. What is interesting is that even though the lug nut sizes are different, because of the tapered shoulder design of the nuts, Ford and Ferguson wheel centers are interchangeable.