Wagner Loader Service

We have acquired my grandfathers 1952 TO-30 Ferguson tractor with a WAGNER WM4 loader on it. We are trying to go through it and do oil and fluid changes. We have the operator and service manuals for the tractor itself. We do not have manuals on the loader. Do you have any sources for us to find the information about fluid and filter changes in the loader?

I am attaching a copy of the WM-4 loader manual for the Ferguson and a link to a generic manual from Wagner that covers most all of their loaders including the W-3 and the WM-3. They are all similar and share most parts. I can’t locate the W-3 manual I located the other day but will keep looking for it. From the information I have been able to gather it appears that you should be able to operate your loader on either regular motor oil in the appropriate weight for the season, or on Automatic Transmission fluid. A manual for a Ford Dearborn 19-22 loader which is nearly identical to the Wagner and I believe was made for Ford by Wagner Iron Works says to use: 30 wt motor oil in temps of 90 degrees and above 20 wt motor oil in temps of 32 degrees to 90 degrees 20W wt motor oil in temps of 10 degrees to 32 degrees 10wt motor oil in temps of -10 degrees to +10 degrees 20 wt would be the best general use weight to use and automatic transmission fluid would be about the same. I would suggest draining all the oil in the system before you add automatic transmission fluid as there are different types of automatic transmission fluid, which is usually red, and mixing them can cause problems. Similarly, not knowing what the existing oil is in the loader, I would suggest draining it as well before refilling with one of the above motor oils. To drain the system you should leave the drain plug out or the return line off at the pump for at least 24 hours. I am sending you the instructions for filling and purging the air from the hydraulic system. I did locate a set of instructions for mounting your loader on a TO-30 and can send them to you if you like.