September 28, 2019


Below are videos from FENA members and other useful ones found on Youtube.

Duration Title
2:08 FENA Expo Republic, MO Expo 2016 Thursday Tractor Rebuild
2:00 FENA Expo Republic, MO Expo 2016 Saturday Tractor Rebuild
11:25 Ferguson Tractor Demonstrations
4:52 The Ferguson Tractor Jack
3:00 Old Ferguson Promo
14:20 Ferguson Farm Tractor History
31:25 Ferguson 35 Promo
3:40 'A Ferguson Tractor' by Richie Kavanagh
31:54 Rachel at 'Farm Tractor Repair' fixes a hydraulic pump in a MF-35
16:25 Rachel rebuilds a MS carburetor for a Ford but this video applies to any small tractor MS carb
28:52 Ferguson TEA-20 Tractor
9:49 Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Coventry's Ferguson TE20 tractor
5:08 Ploughing with Your Ferguson Tractor