Very Early TO-20 Serial Number 65

My dad had an old Ferguson that was passed down to my brother. I’m pretty sure the my dad said it was a TO-30, but the serial number is stamped “TO-65” (picture attached). Could this really be the 65th TO-20 tractor produced in 1948? Or are we missing something? I’m pretty sure that dad said it had a continental engine and I know it has a Marvel-Schebler carburetor (and of course it is a 6 volt positive ground system).

Looking at the serial number tag in the photo it appears that the correct serial number for this tractor is TO-65 which would make it one of the first 65 TO-20’s built. These first tractors should have some unique items and it would be interesting to see if this tractor does in fact have those items. First, the early TO-20’s had a latch near the bottom of the left hood dog leg near the front axle. The latch is made out of bent steel rod and attached to the front of the front axle carrier. This latch kept the hood from closing if a gust of wind came along while the hood was open. Second, most of the early tractors had rear rims with attachment brackets that are U shaped and riveted to the rim rather than the loops used on later tractors. The U shaped brackets are attached to the wheel center with short 5/8″ NF bolts rather than the longer “pip” bolts, similar to carriage bolts with two flat sides on the head, that extend through the loops used on later tractors. There may be other things as well but if you find these two items and could photograph them and send them to us it would help confirm what may be a very old TO-20.