Various TO-30 Parts Sources

I have a TO-30 that has a few problems. It will start and stop. I think it needs a new ignition switch. It needs a new fan shroud. It needs a new oil filter gasket, and I’d like to replace the working lights. Can you help me find these parts? May 7, 2014

The original ignition switch, part number 180681M93, is still available from AGCO/Massey Ferguson. I’ve included a link to Jack’s Small engines, a Massey dealer that sells parts online. Their price for the switch is $48.26 plus shipping. However the current switch does not come with the original style keys, it comes with plastic knob style keys as used on the later models. The original all metal keys are still available from several aftermarket suppliers like Steiner tractor parts. Steiner sells an aftermarket version of the ignition switch as well as their part number ABC116 for $23.85. The difference between the original style switch and the aftermarket version is the backing plate which is brown phenolic plastic on the original style switch and black plastic on the replacement version. There is also a difference in the screw terminals, the original style switch has a square metal tab that also acts as a lock washer, the aftermarket version just has a lockwasher. The bezel or switch indicator plates are no longer available from AGCO/MF but I do have some NOS originals I will sell. As for the headlights, are you interested in original headlights or some that are close to the originals? I have a full set of used headlight shells, the two headlights and the work light that I would sell. And I have a complete New Old Stock lighting kit that I would sell but that would be a bit expensive since it has collector value as well as useful value. I have a beautiful rebuilt original taillight I would sell as well, but there are some cheaper after-market alternatives that might be a little cheaper. The original wiring harness for the lights is being reproduced as well as the wiring harness for the tractor and I can direct you to where you can purchase it. Most of the wiring clips are being reproduced and I have those as well. The original style fender brackets for the rear lights are still available from AGCO/MF but they are extremely expensive, almost $100 each. Reproduction versions of the Ford bracket are available for around $50/pair and most people cannot tell the difference between them and the Ferguson originals. You would need sealed beam units to go with the shells to make complete headlamp and work light assemblies but these are available as well. The question with the sealed beams is if you want the original GE style unites with the same glass design as these are a bit more expensive that say the ones made by Westinghouse. I am not sure which gaskets you need for the oil filter. I need to know which tractor you have, a TE or TO-20, TO-30, TO-35 or F-40 as they all take different gaskets. I should have most of them however. As for the fan shroud, I believe there was someone reproducing these but I can’t remember who it was or if they are still available. Your best bet will probably finding a used one and I can direct you to several places that should be able to help you. I would contact Nolt’s Equipment in Newville, PA, 717-776-6242. They should have what you need. As for the smoking and randomly starting and stopping, I’m not sure without additional information. You could have bad or stuck piston rings, worn pistons and sleeves or valve problems. All of those could cause starting and stopping issues. The condition of you plugs, points, condenser, cap, plug wires and coil could also be a factor. Bad coils can cause starting and stopping problems but, the rest of the ignition system should be checked out and repaired as needed as well.