Using S-KO-20 Cultivator for Potatoes

I have a Ferguson S-KO-20 cultivator and I would like to use it to grow potatoes. Can you help me find some information on how to use it? January 20, 2016.

The S-KO-20 with its double leaf spring design was better suited for potatoes because it was easier to adjust the spacing of the tine assemblies. On the SKO you can adjust the tine spacing by loosening the U bolt to swing the stem (crank) in or out and then loosen the bolt holding the springs and move them so they are parallel to the row. That trick and a lot more information can only be found in the earlier editions of the cultivator operator’s manual. That no doubt is the result of Harry’s Fergusons involvement and attention to detail. The later Massey Ferguson manuals contain only minimal information.

For potatoes the first cultivation was done with the M-KO-21 weeder. The next cultivation(s) were done with the S-KO-20 equipped with either 2″ or 2 1/2″ reversible points with the tine assemblies set fairly close to the plants. As the plants grow and the roots begin to spread the and form tubers the reversible points are removed and exchanged for sweep shovels. The sweeps throw dirt to begin hilling the plants. As the tubers grow the tine assemblies are moved away from the plants and the cultivation speed is increased, this causes more dirt to be thrown around the plants to cover the tubers as they grow. The process is called hilling. Failure to do this last hilling cultivation risks the tubers popping through the soil which causes them to turn green. When potatoes turn green they become toxic.