“Unit Used On” Index

Is there a reference that identifies what piece of equipment a certain part number applies to?  April 23, 2016.

The reference you are describing is called the “Unit Used On” index. I have it on microfiche. The index was originally printed in booklet form like the “Master Price List”. Updated versions were issued periodically as new part numbers were issued. I suspect this document is now an online document only dealers have access to.

Another booklet dealers had was the “Parts Substitution List”. It listed new part numbers for parts as they were upgraded, or in the case of assemblies, converted to individual part numbers. Dealers usually had these books under the counter. The problem with the Parts Substitution List was MF would often change the number of a part in a new edition of a parts book with no reference to the old part number, and no cross reference in the Parts Substitution List. This is why old editions of parts books are so valuable.

Because of this practice by MF, dealers have parts under the old part number on their shelves, and when they look up the part in a book they only find the new part number. Those obsolete parts might be scrapped or sold to an NOS Parts dealer like The Depot. On some occasions the parts just languished in dealer’s parts bins collecting dust. There they wait until guys like me with old part books do a dealer search for the old part number through the MF dealer locater system, or The Depot’s stocks to locate those hard to find/no longer available MF parts.

This is one of my trade secrets.