Troubleshooting Warm Engine Stalling

I have a MF-65 that dies after it warms up. It will start again but die unless I let it cool. I have replaced the coil, points, plugs, and had the carburetor rebuilt, Is there another fuel filter other than the sediment bowl? Could the condenser cause this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. June 18, 2015.

My first guess would be the coil. Do you know if both the original coil and the replacement coil had an internal resistor? Many of the replacement coils do not have internal resistors which they should have, like the original Delco Remy coils. As for fuel filters, some of the 65’s have two fuel filters: one inside the sediment bowl, and one inside the tank.

The filter in the tank usually does not become clogged but, sometimes the standpipes inside the tank, which have a brass screen around them, become clogged by bits of dirt, rust, and water. You may want to try removing the sediment bowl valve-assembly from the tank, and flush the tank.

Water in the fuel can cause the engine to stall. After you flush the tank, fill it with fresh fuel, preferably from an alternate source than your current fuel comes from. If you have your own fuel storage tank, get fuel from an alternate source. Check your fuel line and make sure there are no crimps or bends restricting the flow.

Also, check where the line is routed. Make sure it is routed as it was originally, and does not come too close to the manifold or block. The heat can cause a vapor lock. Check the vent on your fuel tank cap. If the vent is plugged, it will restrict the flow of fuel to the carburetor. Check your air cleaner to make sure the carburetor is getting an adequate supply of air. The metal mesh can become plugged over time, and needs to be flushed out. You can check this by temporarily disconnecting the air cleaner hose at the carburetor.

Check the radiator and cooling system to make sure the tractor is not overheating. The condenser could be a problem but it is unlikely you have two bad condensers. The same goes for the coil. You may also want to consider replacing the coil wire. That is the high tension lead from the coil to the center of the distributor cap.