Tractor Identification From Engine Serial Number

Can you help me identify the year of manufacture of a TO 35 whose engine has serial number Z134 602701?

The Z134 is the engine serial number not the tractor serial number. The tractor serial number should be on a small tag attached to the lower left corner of the dash with 4 screws. There are casting dates on the side of the transmission, center housing, etc that can be decoded to determine when the castings were made. The code is made up of numbers and letters. I’ll have to do some checking to be able to tell you where the date codes are.

The casting usually were used within 3 months of being cast which will give you some idea of when your tractor was made. If you are a FENA member, our treasurer, David Lory has a listing of most members tractors, their serial numbers and engine serial numbers. You can often locate tractors with engine serial numbers close to yours and see what the tractor serial number is to give you an approximation of the original serial number assuming you have the original engine. These are ways to estimate the serial number or age of the tractor when the tractor serial number plate is missing.