TO-35 Work/Tail Lamps

I got a pair of original headlamps, but now I am wondering about the late 35 work lamp/tail light combination. Am I correct that my 35 (1955) came with a red lamp on the left and a work lamp on the right? Also, are the headlamp wings painted the hood color, or are they left as polished aluminum? November 7, 2014.

The wings are always painted to match the hood sheet metal to which they are attached. If your 35 has a red hood, the wings should be painted red, earlier versions would have been painted bamboo beige, light Ferguson gray, and industrial yellow, depending on the hood color. As for the correct rear lights, the original light set for a TO-35 would have come with a red taillight for the left fender and a work light with a switch for the right fender. The earliest gray/green TO-35s used a Taurus taillight.

Around the time the electrical system was changed from 6 to 12 volts, the light kits started coming with Hall taillights. The first ones were light gray to match the gray sheet metal on the gray/green TO-35s, and the bamboo beige when the colors were changed to match the Ferguson 40 and then red when the Massey Harris and Ferguson lines were combined and the Massey Ferguson line debuted. The early MHF Work Bull tractors which were industrial model 35s had industrial yellow taillights to match the sheet metal colors.