TO-35 Tractors were All 6V

I recently purchased a Ferguson TO-35 Tractor, serial number 140030. All information I get is that it should be the 30th. one built. It has been somehow partially converted to a 12volt system. Wasn’t it originally a 6 volt system? I am doing a total, original restoration and want it original all the way. I intend to join FENA immediately and, I want to show this tractor. July 10, 2014

Yes, the TO-35s were originally 6 volt. Many of the 12 volt conversions continue to use the 6 volt starter so you may only need the generator, voltage regulator, ignition coil and starter solenoid. You will also need the proper gauge 6 volt battery cables.

If the tractor has lights you will need 6 volt bulbs for all the lights as well. This would be a good tractor to restore given its serial number. You will find details about paint colors and what is painted what color on our website. Keep me posted on your progress and remember I will be happy to help you find the parts you need to complete the restoration.