TO-35 Tie Rod Ends

I want to order tie rod ends for my TO 35 Fergie. Do they come in more than one size? Mine are larger in diameter on the rear Pitman arms and, I was wondering if the larger (originals) are no longer available. Are some folks doing restorations using the smaller size?

All TO-35’s used part number 180 391 M91 for the rear tie rod end. This is the same tie rod end used on the TO-20 and TO-30 and would be Steiner part number MFS176.

The original leather boots for this tie rod are being reproduced as well as similar looking one with a rubber boot. AGCO/MF replaced the original 180 391 M91 with part number 193 733 M91 and then with 193 733 V91 which should be the same as the after-market one Steiner is selling. Between the phase-out of part number 180 391 M91 and the change over to part number 193 733 V91, MF/AGCO supplied a version of the 180 391 M91 tie rod end without a grease zerk and without a machined base to receive the original leather boot. These tie rod ends used the new boot or cover, part number 196 099 M91, used on the later MF-35 tie rod ends.

As to the outer diameter or these tie rod end, the NOS tie rod ends I have on hand, part number 180 391 M91, the outer diameter is approximately 1 3/4″. They do not have grease zerks but are sealed units. The ones I have are the later version of 180 391 M91 that uses the 196 099 M91 boot or cover. The later MF-35 used different tie rods and tie rod ends. These later MF-35 tie rods could be installed on the earlier TO-35. The later style MF-35 tie rods were beefier and used a jamb nut to lock the tie rod length adjustment rather than the clamps used on the earlier TO-35.