TO-35 Standard Diesel is Desirable

I have what I believe to be a 1960 Massey ferguson TO-35. I see that it has a diesel motor I am sending a picture of it to you. Can you you tell me more about it?

Your TO-35 has a 4 cylinder Standard Motors Diesel engine. The engine was manufactured by Standard Motors in England. Standard Motors was the company that built Ferguson tractors in the UK. Ferguson purchased the tractor plant from Standard and it became the Massey Ferguson tractor plant.

There were not a lot of TO-35 diesels sold in the US so this would be a desirable tractor to collect. These diesel engines had a reputation for being hard to start, particularly in colder weather. Early models had a manifold preheater which helped but later models added glo-plugs which significantly improved starting in both warm and cold weather.

Glo-plugs can be installed on older models. These engines are much more common in the UK and parts are more readily available there. Sparex, an after-market parts supplier, can supply many of the more common parts you may need. Service manuals for the tractor and engine are still available from AGCO/MF.

It looks like you have some fuel leaks which is pretty common with an older diesel engine. Some of the fuel lines look like they were replaced. Replacing some gaskets and tightening fittings should help and, if you are interested in fully restoring the tractor, you will probably have to either purchase new fuel lines or have them fabricated. Fuel leaks are always a challenge in diesel engines.

These tractors originally had two batteries, one under the hood and a second one over the left axle, next to the fender. Other than the engine parts, this tractor is the same as any other TO-35.