TO-35 Original Headlights and Work Light

Because the hood on my TO-35 was rather rough, I purchased another from a. salvage yard complete with headlamps. However, I am questioning whether these headlamps are original equipment. They have Dietz stamped on the retainer ring. My work lamp has Hall stamped on it, so I am rather certain it is original. The work lamp was one with a moveable red lens. I think that lamp is rather funky, so I would like to use it. Agco no longer handles the red lens–do you know of a source for that lens? November 1, 2014.

The Dietz headlamps are not original. Dietz did not supply headlamps to Ferguson or Massey Ferguson. The correct headlamps for US produced Ferguson’s and Massey Ferguson’s are made by Hall, the same as your work light. A TO-35 would have Hall headlamps with a chrome bezel attached with two screws. Later MF-35 models would have Hall headlamps with the bulbs attached with a large snap ring like the work light/taillight combination you have. These work light/taillights with the flip down red lens were standard equipment on the later MF-35 and sold as replacement parts for the TO-35. The red flip down lenses are very difficult to find today and generally quite pricey, often close to $100 each. I may be able to locate one for you as I did know where there was a least one for sale. As for the headlamps, you can usually find good used ones on eBay, at tractor salvage yards or at tractor show swap meets. The ones that match your work light/taillight were used on the late production MF-35, MF-50, MF-65, MF-85 and MF Super 90. The earlier version with the chrome bezel attached with two screws were used on the TO-20, TO-30, TO-35, F-40, MH-50 and the earlier versions of the tractors previously listed. Some of these headlights have painted bezels rather than chrome but the original versions used on the TO-35 were chrome. Dietz manufacturs headlamps similar to those used on Ferguson’s and Massey Ferguson’s and supplied headlamps to Ford. Many of the after-market replacement headlamps are made by Dietz.