TO-35 or MF-35?

I bought a Massey Ferguson 35 a couple of years ago to do some mowing on my place. The bill of sale shows it as a 1964 TO-35 but if I read your listing correctly, it is a 1960 FE-35. The serial number on the dash plate is SGM210485 MF-35. It has the Continental Z134 gas engine and dual clutch; I’m just trying to verify the correct year. Are there any other locations that might have the serial numbers? The tag on the engine is missing but the casting numbers show it to be a Z134. August 16, 2014.

To the best of my knowledge the Z134 Continental engine was never used in the FE-35. The FE-35 came with a Standard Motors Diesel engine though there may have been a few produced with Standard Motors Gas engines.

A Z134 Continental would be the engine used in either a TO-35 or and MF-35. The TO-35 designation was used from 1954 until 1960. In 1960 they began calling these tractors MF-35s. According to the serial number lists I have, SGM210485 is a late 1960 MF-35.

The SGM prefix indicates your tractor is: S-Standard utility chassis G-Gas engine M-Dual stage clutch (Live PTO and hydraulics) The lists on our FENA website only go up to 1960, the last year the TO-35 was produced but the serial number information I have from Massey Ferguson indicates you have a late 1960 MF-35. 1961 production began with serial number 211072. We do not have the MF-35 serial numbers listed on our FENA website.

As for the bill of sale indicating the tractor is a 1964 model, it would have to be an MF-35 to be a 1964 model. 1964 production began with serial number 247605. Is this bill of sale one issued by the seller or a copy of the original bill of sale for the tractor from a Massey Ferguson dealer? The error in the year and model designation is obvious.