TO-35 Drawbar Support Bracket

I have a late model 1956 Ferguson TO-35 and I was wondering if you can tell me which type of Drawbar support bracket it should have? I have seen the type that mounts all below the rear end and another type that has a vertical support mounted around the PTO area. May 12, 2014

The original swinging drawbar for the TO-35 is part number 677 013 which requires the clevis assembly 677 012. When the MF-35 was introduced the swinging drawbar (part number 677 191) became the standard swinging drawbar. This drawbar could also be mounted on the TO-35. I believe this is the drawbar that you are referring to when you say “the one that has the support bracket that mounts all below the rear end.”

The type that has the hanger assembly mounted around the PTO area and the plate under the rear axle housing is a Ford design that became standard equipment on Ford tractors beginning with the 600 and 800 series. A less expensive after market version is sold today but it is not nearly as strong as the original Ford version. These after market versions have been known to bend and twist when heavy loads are applied.

The V extension drawbar was originally sold as an accessory for the Ford Ferguson 9N and 2N and then continued to be sold by both Ford and Ferguson. The V extension drawbar is correct for the Ferguson TO-35 also. All of these drawbars can be found for sale on Ebay and at various swap meets and farm sales.