TO-35 Diesel Tractormeter for a FE-35?

I am considering the purchase of a 1960 TO-35 Diesel. It has the 23c motor. The serial # is 182111. If I read correctly it is an early 1958 model, apparently #363 off the line. The owner indicated that the tachometer has FE35 written on it. Is this an original part or is it a replacement? Did this model have two batteries/is it 6V or 12V? I think I found another battery mount. September 10, 2014.

It probably is an original part. Some if not all of the instrumentation on the TO-35 Diesel came from the UK, along with the engine and some of the electricals. I know the tachometer came from the UK and would be the same one used on the FE-35. I believe replacement tachometers, from the OEM supplier, Simms I think, are also available as replacement parts. There is a TO-35 diesel in Mel Koeling’s collection which is just a few miles from me if you want any other details checked.

I believe they used two 6-volt batteries connected in series and the parts book wiring seems to indicate this is the case. This was quite common back than and provided the necessary cold-cranking amp’s. needed to start a diesel engine. I’ve attached the pages from the parts book showing the battery boxes though, they don’t do a good job of showing where the axle mounted one goes. It mounts on those 4 projections on the left axle housing. The cover is plastic as I recall and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a working tractor with the cover still on. I’ve only seen them on restored tractors. I believe the covers are being reproduced. I’ve seen ads for them in Tractor and Machinery magazine which is published in the UK.