TO-30 Water Outlet Elbow

I am resurrecting a TO-30 for my daughter, where can I get a water outlet elbow (181 635 M1) for it?

Your best bet for the water outlet casting is to find a used one. These show up on Ebay from time to time, but your best bet is one of the many tractor salvage yards. The outlet is the same on the TO-20 and TO-30. You should also be able to use the outlet from a TE-20 though you will need an adapter if your tractor has a temperature gauge. Also some TE-20’s have the plug where the temperature gauge is installed on the right side of the outlet instead of the left side. This is not a problem, just a difference that appeared in the early production units. The water outlet you need is used on Continental Z-120 and Z-129 engines, are used on the aforementioned tractors.