TO-30 Starter on a TE-20

Can I put a TO 30 starter on my TE 20?  August 7, 2016.

A TO-30 Delco Remy starter will not work in a TE-20. The ring gear on the flywheel of a TE-20 is on the opposite side of the flywheel as that on a TO-20 or TO-30. A TO-30 or TO-20 starter, 6 volt TO-35 as well (all are the same) can be used on a TE-20 if you change the flywheel to the TO version.

The TE-20 starter was made by Lucas. Lucas is no longer in business but replacement parts to rebuild the starter should still be available. New replacement starters for the TE-20 are also available from many aftermarket suppliers.