TO-30 Paint Color

I would like to paint my 1952 TO-30 back to original color. The correct shade of grey seems to be a matter of opinion. In spray cans and/or quarts, what is your position on color and supplier.

Two of the companies making ready mixed Ferguson Gray paint are Van Sickle and Industrial Touchup. Both companies sell this paint in quarts as well as spray cans. I like the spray cans for touchup, and being able to purchase paint that matches the paint sold in quarts is a big advantage.

You can contact Industrial Touchup at:  Their number for the dark Ferguson gray, M-1001, used on the TE/TO-20 and TO-30 is 94936.

Van Sickle paint is the other source, though their standard offering is the wrong color. Contact Troy Van Eck at 402-476-6558 or 800-677-2468 or by email at:
Tell them you want to purchase the shade of dark Ferguson gray they mix for FENA member Gene Kruse.

It is possible either of these may want you to purchase paint through one of their retailers. Van Sickle sometimes wants you to purchase paint through All State Ag Parts but you have to contact their special order department at 866-609-1260 or All States Ag Parts | Used, new and rebuilt tractor, combine and skid steer loader parts.

All States Ag Parts | Used, new and rebuilt tractor, combine and skid steer…
Call 877-530-4430 for tractor parts from All States Ag Parts. All Parts from All States Ag Parts (Used, New or R…

The fact that you need to order a custom color they mix for Gene Kruse may make it complicated enough that they will want you to purchase the paint direct from Van Sickle.

Still another option is to use Rustoleum dark gray. This color is almost a perfect match for the original Ferguson dark gray and probably less expensive than the other paints since it is available anywhere Rustoleum paints are sold.