TO-30 Oil and Hydraulic Dipstick

I don’t have an original TO-30 hydraulic oil dipstick to measure. I should have the later MF-35 version but I have to locate it to measure it. The same goes for the TO-30 engine oil dipstick.

The original TO-30 hydraulic oil dipstick is prone to breaking off the handle. The original design has a bend that places the loop end close to the side cover when it is correctly positioned. Unfortunately it usually doesn’t stay in this position, and turns out away from the side cover where it gets caught on the driver’s boot or pant leg. Length wise it is the same as the 9N/2N Ford Ferguson and the later TO-35, MF-35, F-40, and MF-50. Finding the original TO-30 dipstick is difficult because most of them have the loop end broken off.

The MF replacement version of the dipstick has a cast handle that does project from the side of the tractor or move around. The later version of the genuine MF hydraulic oil dipstick is extremely well made and available from any MF dealer. The genuine MF dipstick, part number 193400M1, is much better than the after-market replacements currently available.

The original engine oil dipstick is very thick and a well made simple design. These are often available on ebay or from tractor salvage yards.