TO-30 Fork Stabilizer

I’ve been searching desperately for a fork stabilizer for my 1953 TO-30 hydraulic lift system (it was one of the several missing components when I bought the tractor). Can you help me find one?

The stabilizer, part # 181160M1, is identical I believe to a similar part #825059M1, used on TEA-20’s with the 85 mm engine.

I may have located one of the original part number, and two of the TEA-20 part number. They are available from the Parts Depot in Chilton, WI but you can only purchase parts from them through a dealer doing business with them. Both part numbers are in their Tennessee warehouse. Many dealers, not just Massey Ferguson dealers have accounts with them. Sadly these older parts usually command pretty significant prices. If you are not aware of a dealer near you who does business with them you can call them at 800-743-3768 to locate a dealer near you.

Unless you have done so, have an MF dealer run a dealer locator search for the part numbers. If it has been a while since you ran this search, maybe a month, have the search run again. The information is constantly changing. Chances are you may be able to get a better price on the part if you can find it in some dealers old stock.

Given the number of TO-30’s and TEA-20’s that have been salvaged it would seem there should be some of these out there though, it can be one of those parts that gets lost during disassembly as it must be removed to take off the top cover or remove the hydraulic pump. They tend to get lost in the buckets of bolts removed during disassembly. Your best bet might be to contact a Tractor Salvage yard.