TO-30 Engine Tag to Tractor Serial Number

I recently bought TO 30 60010 I plan to restore. I purchased a replacement engine tag with 302xxx on it. Is this engine serial number within the range for my early TO-30 tractor? June 2, 2016.

While we don’t have a complete list for the TO-30’s, the attached graph should help identify the range of tractor serial numbers verses engine serial numbers. Your serial number, TO-60010 is quite low. It appears that engine’s in the 300,000 serial number range were used with tractors in your serial number range. An engine serial number of 300,200 would not be too far from what the original engine number likely was.

You can check with our Treasurer, David Lory and ask him to check our registry of TO-30 tractors close to your serial number and see if he has engine serial numbers for those. The attached chart was compiled from that registration information as I recall.