TO-30 Battery Tray Source

I have a 1950 TO-20, a 1952 TO-30, and lastly a 1954 TO-30. Do you know where I can get a battery tray for the 1952?

If you are referring to the platform the battery sits on the only possibility I am aware of is a used one. The platform, part #181391M91. is the same for the TO-20 and the TO-30. That should increase the possibility of locating one. Check with local tractor salvage yards first, then check the larger yards with websites.

If you are referring to the cover that goes over the top of the battery, part #181711M91, there is a Ford part that will make a very good replacement, Ford #NCA10718A. You can order the original Ford part from any New Holland dealer or order the after-market replacement version, such as Steiner Tractor Parts #FDS369.