TO-20 PTO Shaft Sleeve

I’m having trouble replacing the steel sleeve on the PTO assembly for my TO-20, and I do not understand why it does not fit. Can you help?

I believe the problem is with the bushing you received. The bushing used on the later production 9N, 2N, TE-20, TO-20 and TO-30 are the same. There is however a similar looking bushing that was used on the early production 9N with a smaller ID. I have seen these two versions of the bushing get mixed up before. It is possible the supplier or manufacturer mixed up the parts? MF no longer supplies the original part. They now replace it with an after-market part, # Z1191 which sells for $23.09 from Jacks Small Engines.

The dimensions of the Ferguson sleeve, # 181183M1 should be the same as Ford # 9N-735-B, are:
1.615″ OD x 1.118″ ID x 1″ Long   This sleeve was used on 9N/2N’s starting around 1943 and was used on the 8N, TE-20, some TEA-20’s, and the TO-30. The PTO shaft, sleeve, seal and bearing support were all changed around 1943.

Prior to 1943, 9N’s and 2N’s used sleeve number 9N-735-A which has a smaller ID.  The later 1 3/8″ PTO shaft uses a sleeve that measures: 1.620″ OD x 1.185″ ID x 1″ long.

The sleeve does not fit the PTO shaft;  that means it is part number 9N-735-A, or the PTO shaft is a 1 3/8″.