TO-20 Model Identification

Hello, My name is Joe and I’m trying to help an older friend of mine keep her grass cut at the farm. The old family tractor is in good shape just needs a few little things looked after before we start cutting. I need to replace the muffler and exhaust pipe from manifold to muffler. I’m having problems finding the model. The tag plate above steering wheel says Harry Ferguson and number is TO-8805. All the casting marks on tractor are HF. A picture of the tag is attached. I would appreciate any help you can lend. April 21, 2015.

The serial number, TO-8805 indicates your tractor is a TO-20. You should be able to find a replacement muffler and tail pipe assembly at most Tractor Supply Stores and from numerous other companies selling replacement tractor parts. You should also be able to get the assembly from most NAPA stores.

If you can find a local store that stocks the assembly you should be able to avoid any shipping costs. Check the condition of the clamp as you may also need to purchase a replacement. The clamp is used with the original flare style connection on the original manifold. Some replacement manifolds have a three bolt flange fitting. These are actually TO-35 manifolds which can be used on the TO-20 and TO-30. If your tractor has the TO-35 style manifold you can use the TO-35 style muffler and exhaust pipe with the 3 bolt flange. These assemblies are available from the same sources listed above.