TEF Year of Production

I have just bought an old Fergie tractor and am trying to find out what it is and when it was made. The plate on the dash has the following number on it TEF375332. It is a 4 cylinder diesel and has an external oil filter. The starter is by way of the right, forward gear shift position. Does any of that make sense to you? I’m sure some of it would! Apart from that it is just pretty ugly and in need of lots of TLC. However the motor does tick over very nicely when it starts. September 10, 2014.

It appears you have a Ferguson TEF-20, which is the direct injection diesel version of the TEA-20. Your pictures came through very nicely by the way. These are very nice tractors and from what I have heard are really good pulling tractors.

From the serial number you provided, TEF 375332, your tractor was produced in 1954. 1954 production began with serial number 367999 and ended with 428092. 1955 production began with serial number 428093.

Having the starter on the gear shift lever was common to all the TE and TO-20 models as well as the TO-30 model. You should be able to find all the parts you need to service and repair your tractor as the parts are being produced by a number of after-market suppliers. Operator’s, Service and Parts books are also available.