TEF Produced by Both HF and MHF

I noted your discussion of the transition of Ferguson to Massey Ferguson. Was the TEF-20 manufactured both as Ferguson and MHF? I saw “Coventry” on parts of mine but did not see MHF. April 6, 2015

Harry Ferguson Limited in the UK continued to produce TE-20 models including the TEF-20 until 1956 when the FE-35, the UK version of the TO-35, was introduced. I have seen TE model serial number tags with Harry Ferguson Limited on them as well as some with Massey Harris Ferguson on them.

Since TE-20 production continued for several years after the merger, from 1953 to 1956, stocks of serial number tags ordered after the stock of Harry Ferguson Limited tags was exhausted were ordered with the new company name, Massey Harris Ferguson, on them. So, yes, TE model serial number tags can have either the Harry Ferguson or Massey Harris Ferguson name on them. More discussion in an upcoming Issue of Ferguson Furrows.