TEF Means Standard Diesel

My wife’s family has an old tractor lying rotting in a shed. I know nothing about tractors but was surprised by the addition of the word “Harris” as I HAD heard of Massey-Ferguson. I’d be extremely appreciative if you could help me resolve what this tractor is. The serial number is TEF 469620. April 1, 2015.

The TEF-20 was manufactured in the UK, Coventry, by Standard Motors for Harry Ferguson Limited. The letter “E” indicates the tractor was built in England. Tractors built in the US are TO models with the “O” indicating the tractor was built “overseas. Ferguson tractors were assembled at Ferguson’s own plant in Detroit, MI on Southfield Road, near what is now the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. The TEF-20 designation would be a TE version with a Standard Motors diesel engine. These are not that common in North America, rare in the US but more common in Canada.