October 14, 2016

Technical Articles

As time allows, the webmaster will be converting these technical articles to web pages if possible (some are scans of manual pages and those won’t be able to be converted). This way you will see searches fulfilled by this content, whereas when in PDF format they are not searchable. Immediately below are the converted articles. Below that are the PDF versions, and we will keep those to make it easy for you to print.

Brake Adjustments
Buying a Ferguson Tractor
Converting 6 Volts to 12 Volts
Tractor Manual List and Ordering

These articles are in PDF format. Click on article to open, read, and print if desired.

Bombardier Half-Track Maintenance Manual
Brake Adjustments
Buying a Ferguson Tractor
Carburetor Information
Carter’s Carburetor Service Bulletins
Converting 6v Tractor to 12v
Evolution of the TO-35 to the MF-35
F-40 Hood Installation Procedures
Fender Hardware
Implement Parts Cross-Reference Chart
Lift Arms Stuck in Up Position
Pipe Fitting Sizes
Polarizing a Generator
Position Control for 20 & 30
Power Steering Unit Fluid
Repairing Damaged Wheel Studs
Rim Information
Rust Removal with a Battery Charger
Steering Wheel Removal
Storing a Tractor
Stuck Tranny Shift Lever
TE-20 Model Variations
Throttle Linkage Adjustment
TO-35 Hood Emblems and Decals
TO-35 Model Comparison
Tractor Identification
Tractor Manual List and Ordering