TEA Headlight Position

I started to mount the wings for the headlights on the bonnet of out TEA tractor; I’m not sure what the original right position is. As seen in the drawings on this site there seems no measurement for the mounting holes? Do you know the right measurements for the headlight mounting holes on TE/TO 20 tractors? March 06, 2015.

You are correct, none of the TE models had knockouts for mounting headlights. All TO models had knockouts until around the time the TO-35 became the MF-35. The MF-35 had removable plugs rather than knockouts. I believe the earliest versions of the headlight mounting instructions had the dimensions on the drawing. I am sending this email to a number or our board members and hoping that one of them can take measurements from a TO-20 or TO-30 hood and provide them to us. It would probably be easier to measure the position of the knockouts on a hood that does not have headlights.