TEA-20 Live Hydraulic Kit?

I have a quick question I was wondering if you knew of any place I can find a live hydraulic kit for my 54 tea20. I am kinda looking for a belt drive kit and I’m finding it difficult to find one.

I am not aware of anyone offering a complete live hydraulic kit for the TEA-20. The most common way of having live hydraulics for implements like front end loaders involved installing a front mounted pump. The reservoir and valve are then mounted on the loader frame. To install a front mounted pump you will have to locate a crankshaft pulley that is drilled and tapped to attach the pump drive shaft. The pump was usually mounted on the front frame of the loader though some mounted on a bracket attached to the front axle carrier. There were two common drive systems used, one that has rubber bushings that fit in holes drilled in the crankshaft pulley. A connector with two pins was pushed into the bushings and connected to the pump driveshaft with a moreflex coupling (a type of flexible joint) The other system used a splined female coupling that bolted to the crankshaft pulley. A drive shaft with male splines fit into the coupling and connected to the pump with a flexible coupling. Since you don’t have a loader you will then need a reservoir, valve and filter. Snow plow manufacturers like Meyers used to offer a belt driven pump which had a valve and reservoir attached to it. If you could find one of these you would have to add a drive pulley to the engine. These were sometimes attached to the crankshaft pulley or the generator pulley. The snow plow manufacturers also sold and still sell complete systems that were driven by an electric motor, like a starter motor. Today these are 12 volt systems but 6 volt systems were available. I have seen home made systems similar to the above made with salvaged power steering pumps from cars or trucks. If you are going to do this you are probably going to have to fabricate your own system. It can be done and I have seen some very nice systems. Some of these systems have been written about in the “N News” magazine.