TE-20 Differing Steering Wheels

The TE-20’s from the 1940’s seem to have had steering wheels with round bare metal spokes. I have seen photographs of tractors in the factory with flatter, wider spokes. Later tractors from the 1950’s have wider covered spokes that are covered but, I am not referring to these. We’re the wider spokes fitted to tractors for the USA market when TE’s were being shipped from Coventry in 1949 and 1950?. Have you observed any of these steering wheels on TE’s?.

The only wide spoke ones I’ve seen are “Bakelite” or rubber covered on a later model TEA-20. (1952). The flat spoke steering wheels in the picture you sent are not like any I have ever seen on a Ferguson TE or TO-20. I can’t tell if the spokes are bare metal or covered. They do appear to be similar to the replacement steering wheel AGCO supplied for these tractors and it is a covered spoke wheel.

AGCO no longer supplies either the metal spoke steering wheel or the original covered spoke steering wheel. These are currently available from Steiner Tractor Parts here in Lennon, Michigan. Just FYI, there were two versions of the original covered spoke steering wheel used on the US built tractors and sold by Ferguson and MF parts here in the US. There was a smooth or plain rim version and a grooved rim version. I was told that these two versions came from two different suppliers. Both versions were used in production.