Did HF make an equivalent TE-30 tractor? After the TO-20, came the TO-30, the TO-35, and the F-40 (TO-40?). The TE-20 is a TO-20 equivalent. The TE’s (A,B,C, D, etc.) were a “20” platform. Was there an equivalent TE tractor with a “30” motor in it?

No, there was never a UK built TE-30. The TE-A20 engine went from 80mm to 85mm, and this was considered a sufficient engine increase for the Coventry supplied markets. Improvements like the air cleaner inlet on the upper right corner of the dash were made to the later TE-A20 models. The TE-A20 was marketed in Canada as the Twenty 85 using a sales brochure that is nearly identical to the TO-30 sales brochure. The TE-A20 operator’s manual has much of the same language, and the same little cartoons as the TO-30 operator’s manual.

Some argue the 85 mm TE-A20 can pull as much as the TO-30 but it was not necessary to beef up the differential, rear axles, and rear axle center housing like the TO-30 after a more powerful engine was installed. And, when some TO-20 owners installed TO-30 engines in their TO-20’s they found it was relatively easy to destroy the TO-20 rear end.

Harry Ferguson did not see the need to make improvements in the TE-A20, and approved the TO-30 design only after Herman Klemm argued repeatedly that it was necessary for the US market. Improvements were made to the TE-A20 including the aforementioned air cleaner inlet, the oscillator for the hydraulic control valve, and later 12 volt electrics.