TE-20 Tires

What tires were put on Ferguson TE-20 tractors?

All US produced Fergusons and Massey Fergusons were equipped with Goodyear tires. Because Harvey Firestone was a good friend of Henry Ford, Ford asked Firestone not to supply tires to Ferguson following the split with Ford. Of course, many Ferguson dealers and distributors were Firestone dealers so it was not that unusual to see Firestone tires on an early Ferguson as replacement tires, or when a customer wanted a tire larger than the 10″ (new size 11.2″) rear tires the tractors came with.

TE tractors were fitted with Goodyear or Dunlop tyres….Dunlop also being from Northern Ireland!….They did originally come with a closed pattern tyre but quickly changed to Goodyear with the 45 degree straight bar grips…….Any help you need getting your tractor back to UK spec, please contact me? I would like to see a properly restored TE tractor in America…So many of them are fitted out to US spec!