TE-20 Brake Parts

I need some brake parts for a TE-20, especially the pinion adjustor and crown gear.  Can you suggest a domestic source for the parts?  September 18, 2016.

The parts are available from any dealer or seller who sells Sparex Parts.

The adjuster assembly, part number 1850213M91 is Sparex part number S.41564
The brake lining kit which includes 4 brake linings and 48 rivets is Sparex part number S.04163

They also have bonded lining shoes, and rivets shoes as well as other parts.

Sparex parts are also available from many after market parts suppliers like Stevens Tractor Parts. Steiner Tractor parts can get them for you but it may be a special order. I have not checked the catalogs of either supplier for these parts yet. If you don’t have a local dealer who sells Sparex parts you can call “Junior” at Steiner Tractor Parts. Tell him I told you to call him, and he will get you a price.